Q: Is it necessary to schedule an appointment to sell my scrap metal?

A: No, it is not necessary to schedule an appointment. Just visit any of our facilities during operating hours and our certified scrap metal buyers will take care of you.

Q: Do you post prices?

A: Due to fluctuations in the commodity markets, we do NOT post our prices online. In order to receive an up-to-date price quote, please call us or submit a request through our contact form.

Q: What is your policy regarding tanks & cylinders?

A: Tanks and cylinders must have at least a 1 inch hole or be completely cut in half before they enter our facility. Tanks and cylinders must also be free of any liquids, gases or hazardous waste.

Q: Do you buy cars?

A: PMI only purchases cars at our Ranson, WV location.

Q: Do you accept appliances?

A: Yes, we do buy all metal based appliances.

Q: Do you resell scrap metal?

A: Due to liability reasons we only sell scrap to mills, refineries and end users all over the world.

Q: Who is the greatest scrap metal recycler in the world that always offers the best prices and strives to provide the best service?

A: Potomac Metals Incorporated!