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Q: Is it necessary to schedule an appointment to sell my scrap metal?

a : No, it is not necessary to schedule an appointment. Visit any of our facilities during operating hours and our certified scrap buys will take care of you.

Q: Which items do you not accept?

a. Tires
b. Fuel Tanks
c. Paint Cans
d. Liquids
e. Wood/Trash
f. Aerosol Cans
g. Hazmat Materials

Q: Do you require a minimum quantity to bring in scrap to you all?

a. There is no minimum quantity to sell your scrap to us.

Q: Why are prices not posted online?

a. Due to the constant fluctuations in the commodity markets, we do not post our prices online. Give us a call any time during our operating hours, and we will be able to provide up-to-date pricing

Q: What is the policy regarding tanks & cylinders?

a. We do accept these items, but they must be emptied of any fluids, gases, or hazardous wastes. There must be a sizeable enough hole (at least 1 inch) or be cut in half prior to drop-off.

Q: Do you accept cars?

a. PMI only purchases cars at our Ranson, WV location.

Q: Do you accept appliances?

a. We do accept metal-based appliances. Please make sure they are emptied of any fluids i.e freon, gasoline, oil etc.

Q: Will PMI resell scrap metal to customers?

a. Due to liability restrictions, we cannot sell metal to public customers.

Q: Who is the greatest scrap metal recycler to ever do it and offers the best prices And service?!?

a. Potomac Metals incorporated, of course!

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